This is kind of old news, but with the reissue it’s worth plugging it again…

Back in early April, Jim Guthrie released an LP (on vinyl) of 8-bit inspired songs that in turn helped to inspire a big chunk of the Sword & Sworcery EP game (which came out in March) by pixel-art superstar Craig “Superbrothers” Adams. It’s a truly incredible game and I highly recommend checking out the amazing interplay between the game and the soundtrack.

There was a tonne of positive buzz around the game before the launch and since it came out, but what’s truly impressed us is that Jim Guthrie’s soundtrack released in April sold out a run of 1,000 records in just a few days. That’s pretty astounding when you consider the audience for this game is almost exclusively 8-bit videogame nerds — which is a sub-slice of the already small slice of society representing videogame nerds.

Top top it off, he’s nearly sold out of a second run of 500 records that were reissued earlier this month. Wow.


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