About a month or two ago we came by Daniel Edlen‘s work through some tweets we exchanged. Daniel’s made a name for himself by painting portraits of musicians on vinyl records. Like any music lover with two functioning eyes on my head, I was totally blown away by the incredible detail in his pieces. And as a part-time artiste and lover of wax I was particularly impressed with his creative choice of canvas. Kudos, Mr. Edlen.

From the sounds of it, Daniel got into painting records because of a deep passion for art and music but through some luck and elbow grease was able to parlay a hobby into something much more serious with loads of commissions and gallery shows.

Here’s hoping Daniel will one day be able to put brush to vinyl on one of our platters!


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  1. vinylart says:

    I’d love to paint on your wax! Let’s figure something out.

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