Just a few weeks ago we rolled out a new feature on the Standard Vinyl site: pre-priced, ready-to-order combo deals.

Yes, we had combo deals listed before but we never had prices attached to them. Why? Well, vinyl record orders have a whole myriad of options available so there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of different combinations of options depending on the records, packaging and extras.

That makes it really difficult to boil everything down to a few package deals that will cater to the average musician’s needs. But now that we’ve been up and running for a few months we’re starting see some patterns emerge (beyond the fact that musicians don’t seem to go online until at least 11AM) to the point where we’re comfortable presenting a few of our most popular orders requested… with prices.

Just a note: prices are subject to change since we do deal with some U.S.-based suppliers and have to occasionally tweak prices according to the exchange rate.


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