Just read this awesome piece at the Ottawa Citizen about John Westhaver and the legendary Birdman Sound in Ottawa’s Glebe. You may have recalled a small piece we wrote about Birdman on the Vinyl Standard  back in August of 2011. We’re of the opinion that this is one of the best record store’s you’ll find around. Ottawa’s Glebe, where the store currently resides, went through a ridiculous amount of street construction for what seemed like the entire summer of 2011. This affected business up and down the strip. Not an easy thing to survive, especially taking into consideration the lack of street traffic that was created at key times in any retail calendar. What’s double awesome about this though, is the fact that the store’s clientele recognized the importance of this institution in the city, and responded to John’s request for sales, not donations. Read the piece in it’s entirety here:


It sounds like Birdman is moving…stay tuned for more details.


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