It’s been a while, but this post is as important as any presidential debate as far as I’m concerned. Limblifter got back to together this year. I missed catching them in Toronto back in June. After flogging myself for having not made the trip, I gingerly cried while watching some shitty Youtube clips of them playing a wicked gig at the El Mocambo.

Toronto label We Are Busy Bodies decided to release 1996’s insanely catchy self titled debut on wax, confirming what I’ve personally thought all along – that the songs on this record are timeless. 16 years timeless! Ryan Dahle released a great solo debut a few years back, a little effort called Irrational Anthems that had more than a few choice songs. Besides producing some great stuff out west in Vancouver (Hot Hot Heat, The Manvils), he’s been working with the likes of K-OS.

I think Dahle is one of the most talented songwriters in the country. If you’re in your thirties like me, you’ll probably recall a little band called The Age of Electric that he was in – a 90’s staple in any University student’s CD carousel – especially if you had a brow piercing. While I was living in my parent’s basement and learning to play drums, he was working with the likes of Bob Rock and churning out side project albums (that’s what the Limblifter self title was) that would turn into major label releases in both the U.S. and Canada. These days, besides producing, he’s continuing an elusive series of one off shows here and there, touring in an Airstream, and maintaining his love for classic Vespas. Limblifter’s entire catalogue is about as aces as it gets – besides picking up the vinyl, delve into the history that is three classic records of music.

Buy the vinyl here. If you’re reading this Ryan – come out and play a show in Ottawa. That’d be rad.


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