By: Megan Healy

Quack: \Kwak\ verb; to make the characteristic cry of a duck, according to Webster’s Dictionary. To fans of the DJ group Duck Sauce, Quack is the name of their new album released the 15th of April. A-Track and Armand Van Helden make up the DJ duo that is Duck Sauce. These two have crafted a new album that embodies fun.

As most DJ albums are simply sets that are well thought out and put together. However, Quack is unlike the A-typical DJ album. This album has several short skits on it; such as a prank call with one restaurant patron requesting an absorbent amount of Duck Sauce. Some skits involve aliens among other things. The album has a sense of goofy-ness that makes you laugh like you would at a bad inside joke you share with a friend.

Quack has 12 tracks on it however the number of sampled tracks is hard to keep track of. In a typical A-Track fashion this album features a perfectly meshed up mash of old disco classics, new funk and classic house. The old art of sampling has been artfully executed on this album as expected from such great DJ’s. Some great hits on the album are “Barbra Streisand” and “Radio Stereo” as well as newly created singles such as “a NYway,” and “NRG”.

The title for “NRG,” is a cleaver ploy that speaks as “energy,” in the song and music video. The music video for the “a NRG,” pokes fun at late-night infomercials; as A-Track and Armand Van Helden are subdued to the enticing sales pitch of an cure all problem solving solution delivered by a creepy salesman. (  Throughout the music video a phone number is displayed which is in fact a real telephone number that Duck Sauce has set up for fun.

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