This month Standard Vinyl is excited to highlight singer/songwriter Deni Gauthier and his new Album Quiet Town. A wonderfully talented artist from Canada, Deni’s voice is amazing and the power behind his lyrics makes his new album worthy to check out.

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 You can preview Quiet Town here:

 More about Deni Gauthier:

 Q & A with Deni Gauthier

Q.   Tell us about your new upcoming album Quiet Town…

A. Quiet town is my baby. It’s the favorite musical project I’ve ever done. I hired producer, now great friend, Andre Wahl to help me make some real art. We spent a month in an old school house tracking and creating for this album a couple of Novembers ago and finally released it on May first 2014. Andre had a major roll on this album. He produced, engineered and mixed it… What a talent. He’s a master of his craft.

The album is a mix of some of the best songs I’ve been able to write. It’s a purposeful album. We left the life in it. There is dog collar shaking, foot stomping, stick banging. It’s not a few songs with some filler. WE tossed the filler songs and ended up with something that works from beginning to end…

Pay attention, the songs don’t always start or end they way you think they would. We didn’t do any of this with radio in mind per se. We just wanted to make a great album.

Q.  How long did it take for you to complete this album?

A. I’d say this was about a two-year project including the time I spent writing for it.

Q.  What was it like process like for you on this album compared to your first?

A.  This was a very different approach than I’m used to. For starters, I’m used to doing everything myself for the most part. I’ll typically just hid in my own studio for a couple of months and emerge with a new album, and just start selling it.

This album had more players on it. Very talented people that contributed amazingly to the sound. This one took a lot longer and I think it shows. There are more layers; it’s deeper both musically and lyrically.

Q.  What is your favorite track on your new album and why?

A.  Originally “Hold My Hand” was my favorite because of the way the chorus hits, but I have to say my favorite song is “You To Come Through”. There is nothing I love more in a song than an epic bridge… “You To Come Through” makes me want to go for a run, or swim across a lake, or swing through a forest like Tarzan.

Q.   Your Vinyl for Quiet Town is almost done! What excites you about listening to your music on Vinyl?

A.  In my opinion vinyl will save music lovers from a grey mundane world of having all the music. When you have too much music (like all of it, on spotify or whatever), there is no love for discovery, no risk, no hard earned money involved. When you buy vinyl, you take a risk in not liking that music, and often will work harder to listen to albums because you don’t want to waste your money, only to discover some of your favorite lifetime albums aren’t always the easiest ones to hear at first.

I like the sound of vinyl, and I’m happy to hear my own tunes like this, but I’m very excited for people to discover my album like this. It’s a full album with so much going on it deserves a good hard listen and I hope people will fall in love with the idea of holding on to it, flipping to side b, and investing some time into the deeper parts that my get skipped over on other platforms that you can hear it on.

Q.  What is your favorite album to listen to on Vinyl?

A.   My favorite album of all time is Radiohead’s OK computer. It’s even more epic on vinyl. But, my favorite album on vinyl is currently Sigur Ros’ Kveikur. So big, so delicate, so musical.

Q.   What are your plans for touring with this album?

A.   My whole life is a big tour. I never stop playing shows… I plan on playing this album for the next few years as I prepare my next album. I’m thinking the next one will be much heavier.

Q.   What are your hopes and goals for this album? 

A.   I think this is my gateway album. I went all in on this one so I could kick open the next level of my career. I want this to be the one that new people discovered me for. And for all my fans, this was so that we could move forward and be a bit darker, and bit more open, perhaps more vulnerable. I want this to be an album that people hear so much it becomes the fabric of a part of their life.


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