The barley 20 something brother duo that makes up Disclosure; Guy and Howard Lawrence have been catching fire all across the world since their debut release of Settle back in June 2013. Only a year later they are headlining shows around the world.

They performed a two show series called Wild Life this spring. These shows were featured in Berkeley California and the other in Chicago at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

At Lincoln Park Zoo Disclosure came onto stage wowing with their impressive stage presents. The DJ duo set the stage up so that both DJ’s were mirroring one another. Not only did they come equipped with two sets of turntable but they also each had a drum set added in the mix. Throughout the performance the two brothers ignited the audience while simultaneously playing records and the drums. The energy that they brought to the crowd was infectious and kept them moving the entire performance. The hits that truly seemed to rock the crowd were some of their most recent singles, Latch, F is For You and White Noise.

The crowd itself was a great mix of late teens to early 30’s. The opening acts truly catered to the age variations that Disclosure seems to draw. For the old school House heads Green Velvet preformed playing classic house hits not everyone has in their DJ collection. The Hip-Hop artist JoeyBada$$ played right before Disclosure getting the crowd pumped up. This was also the perfect time for the elder of the crowd to grab a beer and settle in for the stars of the show. The combo of Hip-Hop and House was a perfect starter for the crowd as Disclosure is a perfect mesh between old and new music styles it was a perfect fit.




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Check out the infectious OFFICIAL video for When a Fire Starts to Burn below:


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