Vinylize‘s handmade specs are perfect for vinyl aficionados and music lovers. The company has been transforming dusty old records into modern designs for almost ten years. They prefer to source older, heavier vinyl from the 1960s and before to make their durable, individually crafted frames. With due respect to the resurgence of vinyl, Vinyilze seeks out records that have been passed over and are headed to the landfill.

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Vinylize has perfected their method of fusing old vinyl with cellulose acetate, creating a smooth and comfortable pair of recycled shades. The records’ indented tracks and grooves give the frames texture, pattern, and a sense of history. Each pair of glasses comes with a burrito-style carrying case made from a folded record and sewn with a 7 inch zipper which just might be one of the coolest parts about owning these shades.

Check out this video on how these cases are made!

Joining cellulose acetate with vinyl was no easy task. In fact it took the design team years to perfect their own proprietary method of fusing the two materials. Every European styled pair of glasses is handmade in Hungary, and comes with a 2 year warranty, so you know they won’t fall all apart months after you purchase a pair. There are several different designs to choose from, some of which have been hit with brightly colored accents, and all of which are prescription ready. Each pair of Vinylize eyeglasses come with a protective carrying case as well.

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If you do eventually fall on the cool side of the fence, hope that at least you’ve got some cash to spare: the cheapest pair on the Vinylize e-store is $430. At that rate, you might be better off going it alone with a hacksaw and your Beatles back-collection

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Just in time to add to your Holiday Wish List!


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