Some tasty extras to add to your order…

Special touches are easy to add to any 7 inch or 12 inch record order.

We offer a handful of special extra options you can include in your vinyl project:

Poly bags and sleeves

Clear poly bags and poly sleeves for 12″s and 7″ records.

Sequential printing

This means having a unique number etched into the run out groove of each record (i.e. 0001, 0002, 0003). It really adds a special element to a limited release.

Shrink wrapping

Just like any records you’d buy new in a store. Manual heat applied shrink wrap for that “right onto a store shelf” look.

Sticker printing and applications

We can print and adhere stickers right onto your records (usually on the outside of the shrink wrap) to say things like “The latest release from [band name]” or “Digital MP3 download included”.

Vinyl etching

Usually taking up a blank side of vinyl, rather than containing music, one side of a record can be pressed with etched or embossed images. For example: a band logo, a photograph, or some artwork.

If you have questions or a special request, drop us a line.