Some tasty extras to add to your vinyl order…

We offer a handful of special extra options you can include with your vinyl project.


Rush turnaround

With our industry leading rush options, you can get your vinyl records back in a real hurry! Have a special show or tour that came up last minute? Playing your high school reunion and want to impress that special someone? We can make that happen!

Digital download cards

We offer the option to include a custom printed download card inside each of your vinyl records. On each download card is a unique download code to access the digital tracks of your album. Hosting is included.

We also offer this in a stand alone version that you can sell separately from your vinyl records.


These are a super neat way of making your records stand out in the wild. They are full colour printed strips of paper that loop around the outside of the record, like a belly band. They usually feature important details of the release such as the album title, record label, tracks, featured artist(s), price or catalog number. These babies seriously up your collectable mojo!

Poly bags

The clear glove for your special vinyl.   We offer these in open top or with a resealable flap in 2 mil, 3 mil and 6 mil thickness.

Printed proofs

Before printing we can ship you a physical printed proof for review and approval. This is a good option when there is any concern about how your files will look when printed.

Sequential printing or hand numbering

This means having a unique number on each record jacket in the run (eg. 1 of 500).


We can print custom stickers in all shapes, sizes and colours.  These are generally applied to the outside of the shrink wrap and say things like “The latest release from…”, “Includes the bonus hit track…” or “I just bought new underpants”.

Graphic design & audio mastering

If you need any help with getting your creative juices flowing, we have the solutions for you. From basic layout to full design, standard or full service audio mastering, our team can help with it all.

If you have questions or a special request, drop us a line.