What’s Included

Every order with Standard Vinyl includes…

Lacquer masters (100+ units)

Here at Standard Vinyl we offer both master cutting methods, lacquer and direct to metal (DMM) mastering.  Our default is lacquer acetate masters but we can provide the option for DMM if that is what you prefer for your project.

SVM masters (50 units)

Our proprietary cutting method and material, which is great for those with a smaller budget and looking for our smallest size run. This option is great for shorter length records but does have some limitations vs lacquer or direct metal masters. These records have a limited high frequency range, rolled off highs, audio requires more compression, have louder surface noise & noise floor, and fit a maximum of 18 mins per side at 33rpm.

Metal stampers

Created from your cut master plates. These metal molds are what we use to make your test pressings and eventually your final order of vinyl records. Cool right?!

Test pressings

Every package includes test pressings shipped directly to you for review before we press the rest of your records. Brew up some of your favourite coffee or tea, pour some kombucha, and set the mood for reviewing your amazing talents on vinyl!

Pressed black vinyl records

Manufactured on our state-of-the-art equipment with quality control at every step of the way.

White paper inner sleeves

Our beautiful white paper sleeves gently hold your wax.

Full colour labels & jackets

Printed CMYK on both your labels and outer jacket. All our inks are eco-friendly and we print on premium recycled stocks too!

Assembly & shrink wrap

This helps to protect your record jacket and vinyl record, keeping it sealed until your adoring fans rip it open in anticipation.

UPC barcode

We offer a complimentary UPC barcode with every order. Whether you add this into your artwork, print off some little stickers to apply on your own or just want to have it on hand for a rainy day.