• Can I get over 22 minutes per side on my 12" record?

    Yes you can! In most cases we can fit up to 25 minutes on a side with our 12″ 33rpm records.  We have a small surcharge for the longer cutting time of $100 CAD.  This is a one-time charge and only applies to the side that is over 22 minutes in length.

    NOTE: your audio may require further adjustments to the EQ and loudness to accommodate this.

  • What is SVM mastering?

    SVM is our proprietary cutting method, utilizing a different type of master material which is great for those on a tighter budget. This option is great for shorter length records but does have a few limitations vs lacquer or direct metal masters. A little more compression, high & low frequencies may need to be rounded off and they may have a slightly louder noise floor. SVM only requires a 1-step platting process.

  • What is a lacquer master?

    The lacquer master is the master “record” we make from the audio source provided by you. This in turn is used to create the stamper, which is a negative image of the grooves on your record. The stamper is what we use to physically press your vinyl records from. Think of it as a mold of your audio being created.

  • What is direct metal mastering (DMM)?

    Direct metal mastering is a similar process to lacquer mastering but utilizes a copper metal disc vs a lacquer coated one. This process allows us to create your stamper directly from the metal master disc.

  • Do you do "split" coloured vinyl?

    Yes we do! When you’re requesting a quote, just select “custom” for the vinyl colour and tell us which colours you want to use. We also do marble (i.e. mixed) coloured vinyl. Keep in mind though, “marbling” your records can produce varying and different looking results.

  • What are the different weights of vinyl records?

    Standard weights

    • 7 inch Records = 40g
    • 10 inch Records = 110g
    • 12 inch Records = 150g

    Heavyweight weights

    • 7 inch Records = 70g
    • 12 inch Records = 180g
  • What are the different sizes of vinyl records?

    There are three sizes of vinyl records: 7 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. Standard Vinyl produces all three of these. We also do custom coloured, shaped, etched and even picture disc vinyl records too.

  • Do you create test pressings of records?

    Absolutely! All of our combo packages come with test pressings for your review. In fact, we won’t start manufacturing your final records until we receive an OK from you in writing (email works just fine too or you can bust out that the old fax machine and send us a thumbs up!).

  • How much music can you fit on a vinyl record?

    Records Pressed from Lacquer or Direct Metal Masters

    • 7 inch records @ 45rpm (up to 5 minutes per side)
    • 10 inch records @ 33rpm (up to 15 minutes per side)
    • 10 inch records @ 45rpm (up to 10 minutes per side)
    • 12 inch records @ 33rpm (up to 22 minutes per side)
    • 12 inch records @ 45rpm (up to 15 minutes per side)

    Records Pressed from SVM Masters

    • 7 inch records @ 45rpm (up to 5 minutes per side)
    • 12 inch records @ 33rpm (up to 18 minutes per side)
    • 12 inch records @ 45rpm (up to 12 minutes per side)