They look gorgeous and sound great.  Thank you.  And please thank everyone involved on my behalf.  The gold foil is exquisite.

Jamie Sutton
Vancouver, BC

Wow!  Thank you so much!  We were so surprised to receive them in the mail, and we are so thankful for your hard work on our quick time frame!  It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to do more business in the future!

Haley Jo Yap
Kalispell, MT

Thank you very much for guiding me through this process.  I’m blown away by your professionalism and expertise.

Paul Gronow
Victoria, BC

I just want to personally thank you for making this process as simple and stress free as you did. You were there to help at every turn and you an your team are true professionals. We will speak your praises as often as possible. You guys are the best.

Jordan Powers
Greensboro, NC

I received the records and they are stunning.  I can’t wait to listen to it.  You have been such an amazing help during this process.  I will be recommending your company to anyone who wants to press vinyl.

Adam Guzman
Massapequa, NY

I got them and they look sooooo amazing!  You and the team were 100% top notch throughout the whole process.  I’m overjoyed with the final product!  Seriously amazed.  I’m so glad a friend recommended you guys.

Anthony Martens
Kelowna, BC

Y’all definitely have the fastest vinyl turn times around.  They look and sound great.  Thanks again for all your help.

Joel Blount
Birmingham, AL

The records sure did arrive yesterday and it was the best thing I have ever unboxed!  Felt so good to hold ’em.  We’re quite happy!

Sumner Bright
Newmarket, NH

They are wonderful!  Super super stoked!  Thanks so much for all the help and making it happen with me, I seriously appreciate customer service at that level.

Oliver Thomas Klein
Whistler, BC

You’ve been so great and I’ve been singing your praises.  I hope I can send some business your way – it would be my pleasure.

Hilary Downes
Brooklyn, NY

Wonderful!  Tx a lot.  Much faster than we scheduled.  Thanks again for all the great communication.  Great job.

Rémi Letendre
Montréal, QC

Excellent!  Thank you for all your work and help with us in making our music come to physical form.  It’s been a very pleasurable experience, and you were great.

Kevin Moynahan
Tucson, AZ

Yeah man!!  They arrived right on time and everyone has nothing but great things to say about the way they sound!  We sold out at the release show so I guess that means I need to go ahead and order some more!

Josh King
Greensboro, NC

WOW!!!  That was an amazing turn around time.  Thanks for all your help through this process.  It’s been an incredible learning experience.  As a label it was our first vinyl pressing and you and everyone involved at Standard Vinyl crushed it.

Justin Schapker
Cincinnati, OH

Your clarity in communication really put me at ease throughout the process, and you shipped when you said you would.  Not only that, your advice during the design stage was really helpful.  Thank you – you made the whole process smooth and enjoyable.  I’ll recommend you to anyone I know looking for vinyl.

Gabe Rossi
Salem, MA

Friggin’ Amazing!!!!!!  Appreciate all the help and guidance with this piece.  You made the process easy and painless.  So AMPED!!

Dave Dar
Orlando, FL

I wanted to thank you again for sweating out all the small kinks with me on this project.  It really left me feeling super good about doing business with you guys.  This sounds like an online review but I’m actually trying to speak from the heart.

Scott Huerta
San Francisco, CA