I just got them. They look and sound amazing, really – i couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to get these out and see what all the backers think of them. Thanks so much to you and Seth for helping again. I hope to have more vinyl needs in the future and will for sure be using Standard Vinyl xo

Alison Tavel
Los Angeles, CA

Many thanks to Jana and the rest of the team.  You guys were great to me with this whole thing. Everything turned marvelous!  You guys rock and will definitely recommend to other folks!!!

Thank you!!!!

Kirk Kjenaas
Fargo, ND

I received them!
They look phenomenal! I couldn’t be happier!

Tyler Heath
Sun Valley, CA

I got them and they look sooooo amazing!  You and the team were 100% top notch throughout the whole process.  I’m overjoyed with the final product!  Seriously amazed.  I’m so glad a friend recommended you guys.

Anthony Martens
Kelowna, BC

A huge thank you to you all and your team. Your customer service and communication have been extremely helpful navigating my first release. Not to mention the quickest turnaround time! I’ve already been telling fiends about y’all so I wish y’all the best and you’ll definitely be hearing from me for future releases/projects. Thank you once again!

Cody Mauser
San Antonio, TX

Thank you SO much. Everyone at Standard Vinyl has been incredible, and made this experience so great. I’ve been recommending you all very highly (even included you on the liner notes!). I wish every company operated the way you do!

Chris Yerinides
Norwalk, CT

Hey guys,
Thanks for you hard work and dedication on this project! I appreciate you helping me get this project done.

Jack Schaaf
Scottsbluff, NE

Friggin’ Amazing!!!!!!  Appreciate all the help and guidance with this piece.  You made the process easy and painless.  So AMPED!!

Dave Dar
Orlando, FL

Wow! These look amazing … How exciting …!!! I really appreciate the care your team has been taking to realize this artistic vision … thank you 🙂

I have been singing your praises …

Onalea Gilbertson
Calgary, CA

Thanks so much! I will definitely refer you guys to musician friends. Thanks for everything! Love how the record turned out!

Michael Walker
Aurora, ON

I’ve got them, they look great! A lot better than I expected, thx so much for all the help with everything during the process, I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Seth Hudson
Nashville, TN

Everything looks and sounds perfect!  I already suggested Standard Vinyl to a friend yesterday who was looking for a new plant, so hopefully they contact you guys.  Thanks again for help through the process, and give a big thanks to everyone involved because these are fantastic.  I honestly couldn’t be any more pleased.

Kevin Jobe
Portland, OR

I just want to personally thank you for making this process as simple and stress free as you did. You were there to help at every turn and you an your team are true professionals. We will speak your praises as often as possible. You guys are the best.

Jordan Powers
Greensboro, NC

The quality of your pressings have played a massive role in establishing Coraspect as a respected, quality label within the musical community it serves. I hope that our business relationship will be a long one. 🙂

Alan Westfall
Oklahoma City, OK

Your clarity in communication really put me at ease throughout the process, and you shipped when you said you would.  Not only that, your advice during the design stage was really helpful.  Thank you – you made the whole process smooth and enjoyable.  I’ll recommend you to anyone I know looking for vinyl.

Gabe Rossi
Salem, MA

They look amazing thanks so much for following through. EPIC customer service and so great to get them back before the original date. We’ll see you again in the future.

Carla Werner
Manhattan Beach, CA

WOW!!!  That was an amazing turn around time.  Thanks for all your help through this process.  It’s been an incredible learning experience.  As a label it was our first vinyl pressing and you and everyone involved at Standard Vinyl crushed it.

Justin Schapker
Cincinnati, OH

Thanks to Standard Vinyl for this very positive experience of ordering my first ever vinyl. You really were a dream to work with! Can’t wait to share these records with the world!

Sheilagh McNab
Toronto, ON

Y’all definitely have the fastest vinyl turn times around.  They look and sound great.  Thanks again for all your help.

Joel Blount
Birmingham, AL

I got them today! All 26 boxes! Wow! They look so dope thank you!!!!!! The layout looks super fresh! thanks!

Factor Chandelier
Saskatoon, SK

The records made it here yesterday. I gave them some time to acclimate just to be safe. Everything is accounted for on my end, and WOW. These turned out so incredibly well! The packaging is outstanding, and the vinyl sounds incredible. Even better than the test pressings to my ears. I can’t wait to share these with the world. Thank you so, so much! I can’t sing Standard Vinyl’s praises enough!

Chris Cranick
Grand Rapids, MI

Wow!  Thank you so much!  We were so surprised to receive them in the mail, and we are so thankful for your hard work on our quick time frame!  It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to do more business in the future!

Haley Jo Yap
Kalispell, MT

Yeah man!!  They arrived right on time and everyone has nothing but great things to say about the way they sound!  We sold out at the release show so I guess that means I need to go ahead and order some more!

Josh King
Greensboro, NC

Gorgeous product, I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you for everything.

Nick Andrea
Monrovia, CA

Thanks so much for your help with all this. You all have been great and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Looking forward to working with you guys again in the future.

Tessa Bourdon
Montreal, QC

They are wonderful!  Super super stoked!  Thanks so much for all the help and making it happen with me, I seriously appreciate customer service at that level.

Oliver Thomas Klein
Whistler, BC

Thank you again for working with me on this project, I couldn’t be more happy with how the vinyls came out!
I hope to do business with you again in the future!
Thank you so much for everything!

Ryan Beevers
Eliot, ME

The records sure did arrive yesterday and it was the best thing I have ever unboxed!  Felt so good to hold ’em.  We’re quite happy!

Sumner Bright
Newmarket, NH

Thanks so much for all your help. I’ll definitely be recommending Standard Vinyl to everyone – the LP’s look exquisite. A very surreal feeling!

Mallory Chipman
Edmonton, AB

This was such a great experience, and we really appreciate your help and advice every step of the way.
Looking forward to working with you again!

Béatrix Méthé
Montréal, QC

I have to let you know that I’ve had so many comments about the quality of this press, especially how quiet it is, so I thought I’d pass that along.

Dallin Schmidt
Bonnyville, AB

I just hauled the boxes inside. Opened one up, and they look PHENOMENAL. I am so stoked, you guys. Thank you so much for everything! You’ve been so cheerful and so supportive, answering a million questions (thanks, Seth) and making this a really pleasant process. You better believe we’ll be back for our next album!

Zachary Watkins
Durango, CO

We are just so in love with our records! They turned out amazing! !

Laura House
Winlaw, BC

Wonderful!  Tx a lot.  Much faster than we scheduled.  Thanks again for all the great communication.  Great job.

Rémi Letendre
Montréal, QC

I received them today and all is well–they look great! The printing looks awesome!

Vancouver, BC

I got them!  They look and sound amazing.  Still can’t believe we got them that fast.  Thanks again.

Jesse Harris
New York, NY

They look really amazing. Honestly, you all do such a great job with the printing, that’s such a complex painting on the cover and I think it looks perfect. Thank you!!!

Daniel Knishkowy
Brooklyn, NY

I got them!!  They are BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much.  So happy!!

Amanda Sum
Vancouver, BC

This is wonderful news!! We are so pleased with the timeline you have achieved! Awesome.

Karen Graves
Bonshaw, PE

So I made it back to LA last night and finally got the chance to look at the vinyls, and they look absolutely amazing! Thank you and the entire team for doing such an amazing manufacturing job! I am really stoked about how they came out and I’m sure the fans will too!

Flo Chase
Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to thank you again for sweating out all the small kinks with me on this project.  It really left me feeling super good about doing business with you guys.  This sounds like an online review but I’m actually trying to speak from the heart.

Scott Huerta
San Francisco, CA

You’ve been so great and I’ve been singing your praises.  I hope I can send some business your way – it would be my pleasure.

Hilary Downes
Brooklyn, NY

The record sounds great and the art looks bright, brilliant and beautiful.  Thank you all so much for your work!  I hope to be placing a reorder with you all in the future.

Thanks again.

Moorea Dickason
Ashland, OR

We have them safe and sound and they look excellent!!Thank you so much!! What a great job by you and all the team at Standard Vinyl. We will be recommending and speaking highly of you guys for sure. Cheers!!

Katie & Josh Pascoe
Cottam, ON

Got them yesterday evening!!
Thank you so much for everything, they look great, they sound great, overall über stoked:)
Have a great day and thanks again,

Julien Corrado
Montréal, QC

They have been received! Thank you so much again. It was so great working with you folks. We will be in touch for future orders! 🙂

Curtis Lefthand
Calgary, AB

They look gorgeous and sound great.  Thank you.  And please thank everyone involved on my behalf.  The gold foil is exquisite.

Jamie Sutton
Vancouver, BC

The vinyl has arrived and I gotta say I am extremely impressed! High quality stuff, very well done! Thank you so much for all your help, I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Terrence O’Brien
Ottawa, ON

I received the records and they are stunning.  I can’t wait to listen to it.  You have been such an amazing help during this process.  I will be recommending your company to anyone who wants to press vinyl.

Adam Guzman
Massapequa, NY

Just cracked open a few boxes of the most perfectly made records, I’m speechless. I hope you know how thankful I am and have been for your help, attention, patience, cool. You have all been a dream to work with, I’m already looking forward to next time.

Jon David Russell
Pittsburgh, PA

Excellent!  Thank you for all your work and help with us in making our music come to physical form.  It’s been a very pleasurable experience, and you were great.

Kevin Moynahan
Tucson, AZ

Thank you very much for guiding me through this process.  I’m blown away by your professionalism and expertise.

Paul Gronow
Victoria, BC

I’ve been consumed with running around my office showing it to everyone! It looks amazing! Yes, I’ll definitely send you some photos/videos and I’ll be sure to do some social media and let the good folks know how fantastic Standard Vinyl is to work with! You guys have been awesome!

Kaitlyn Gerber
Stratford, ON