Preparing your order

Pressing records with us

Well aren’t you smart? And good looking too…

Let’s get you organized to help reduce your stress and keep that beautiful face worry (and wrinkle) free!

Five super simple steps to guide you towards meeting your deadline, while smoothly navigating you through the production process.

First things first…

1. Audio masters

We need a single audio file for each side of your record. Share a link with us or use our wetransfer page.

  • Should be mastered specifically for vinyl (different than CD/Online)
  • Files should be equalized and sequenced (songs in the same order as you want on the finished records), with the correct amount of leader or blank space in between songs (we suggest 3 to 5 seconds).
  • Identify audio files as “side A” and “side B”
  • Tell us if you or your mastering engineer have any special instructions

HOT TIP:  24bit & 48kHz or 96kHz audio files are ideal for vinyl

2. Print-ready artwork

Needs to follow these specs:

  • 300 dpi
  • CMYK Colour (no RGB)
  • All fonts converted to outlines
  • Layered working files preferred
  • Built using our templates (make sure they are on a separate or removable layer). NOT embedded in your artwork. If in doubt, remove the template from the files.

HOTTER TIP: The first thing you should do is download the artwork templates and provide them to your designer or artistically-inclined bandmate.

3. Forms

The following forms are required for all orders. These will be emailed to you when we begin production.

  • IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Track listing
  • Mechanical licensing for any cover songs

HOT HOT TIP: Have cover songs? Follow these links to secure your licensing. (CANADA) (USA) (USA)

4. Shipping address

Provide us with your current shipping address & phone number for your test pressings AND final product (if different).

HOT SAUCE TIP: Test pressings usually ship out around the 4-5 week mark.  If those are approved on-time, your final product is typically ready to ship out by the 8th week. So if you have plans of moving or being on tour at this time (or really being anywhere else but the address you sent us), please let us know so we can update your shipping address BEFORE we ship to you.

5. Paying for your order

Our preferred method of payment is by e-transfer (Canada only). If you are outside of Canada we accept Visa or MasterCard. A form will be sent to you.

All orders required a 50% deposit to begin. A second payment is due upon approval of your test pressings. Then a final payment is due once the order is complete.

HOT WINGS TIP: All vinyl record orders are subject to +/-10% final product. You are only charged for completed units shipped to you.

Contact us if you need help with any of these steps.