Do you press 150g & 180g 12″ vinyl records?

YES! Our standard weight for pressing 12 inch records is 150 grams. As far as we’re concerned this is the best compromise of quality and manufacturing efficiency. Let us explain: 150 grams is heavier than a standard 130 gram record. All records degrade the more you play them, but a heavier record is more durable and will generally sound better for a longer time. To us, it’s all about durability and quality.

We offer the option of going up to 180 grams. What’s the difference you ask? Well, 180 grams is thicker & heavier than the standard weight record and is usually considered audiophile grade. Most major releases you buy in the record stores today are in this format. If you’ve ever held a 180 gram record, you’ll know that it feels like a very high quality product.